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The Last Thing I Do Before I Go to Bed

is Lock and Bolt My Doors!”


When we go to bed, we want to make sure we are safe!

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Bedroom Bolts TM provides an extra layer of security for interior doors.


It’s simple to install your Bedroom Bolt.TM Unscrew two screws and place the plate on the wall. Close the door, and put the bolt in place. Your bedroom is secure!

This is the fastest way to secure a room.


The Bedroom BoltTM doesn’t need any new holes either on the door jam, or the door itself. It installs in less than 90 seconds and keeps your room securely looked from the inside!

Simple enough for a child to use!


With simple mechanical technology, the Bedroom BoltTM is reliable, simple, and effective. Like a doorknob itself, the simplest designs are often the most effective!

No complicated parts!

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The Bedroom BoltTM is a simple 2-piece door lock consisting of a 1/2 inch U-shaped piece that wraps around the doorknob shank and slides into the holes of the custom striker plate. The Bedroom BoltTM is made out of brass-plated steel to provide both a durable and appealing design which will last for years.

To install, simply replace the standard door-jam striker plate using only 2 screws and the existing screw holes.

It really is that simple!

To watch a demonstration of installation and use of the Bedroom BoltTM scroll up.

Bedroom Bolt

Purchase your Bedroom BoltTM and we will ship it quickly to your home or office address.

About US

Bedroom BoltTM was created and designed by Dan Hale for use in private homes. Affected by the need to provide additional security inside his home, Dan worked to invent a product that was easy and fast to use.

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Our Story

Bedroom BoltTM was created by designer Dan Hale. Dan was looking to solve the simplest of problems; securing one’s own bedroom from intruders. This includes preventing family members from accidentally waking in at the wrong time!

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