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Recognizing Domestic Violence

Recognizing Domestic Violence

Recognizing the potential for a domestically abusive relationship can start during the dating days of your relationship. Let’s say you’re out with your date in a public place, and you notice they trip someone, pick fights, or appears to be quite rude to your server. Actions like these should be red flags because you as a significant other are not exempt to this treatment. Always ask yourself, what happens when things with you don’t go the way they want them to. Everyone has on their best mask in the beginning of the relationship so there’s no need to feel ashamed if you never saw the signs. The most important thing is how you respond once you’ve identified the problem.

What Are The Chances Of It Happening To You?
Safe horizon’s statistics report that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will be victims of severe physical violence during their lifetime by one of their intimate partners.

What Is Domestic Violence?
If you are experiencing violent or aggressive behavior in your home, you might be dealing with domestic abuse. Domestic violence doesn’t only mean physical abuse. It can be psychological, emotional, financial, and even threats.

What To Do When You Are Experience Domestic Abuse?
Sometimes contacting the police might be a difficult task when you’re getting abused by someone you love. The best way to maintain your home safety is to contact a counselor for help in making the next steps. If your abuser is physically harming you, there might be more extreme steps you’ll have to take to insure your home security.

Do You Have To Make A Change?
There are people going through domestic violence situations every day. No one is advised to stay in a situation that is toxic or physically harmful. If there are children involved, it is even more imperative that you maintain home safety. The center for family services reports that are children at a higher risk of being abused when they have witnessed domestic abuse. Children who come from an environment with home security will be more likely to recognize unhealthy signs in relationships and walk away.

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