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What is Domestic Abuse?

What is Domestic Abuse?

What is Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is when you are being physically or mentally abused by your significant other or by a family member. In the United States, there are nearly 20 people per second being abused in their own home. In one years time, there were over 50 million women who sustained severe injuries from a loved one within there home in the United States. This year in domestic violence awareness month, it is time to take a stand once again to stop the abuse whether it is with home security or by contacting a helpline.

What are Red Flags?

Red flags for domestic abuse are a warning sign that your partner is an emotional and physical abuser. These signs should never be ignored, especially if they are children in the household that could potentially witness physical violence or emotional abuse. Domestic violence awareness is something adults and children should be informed about. Signs to look out for that are considered red flags in a relationship are as follows:

• Manipulation

• Emotional Abuse

• Controlling Your Money

• Monitoring Your Every Move and No Home Safety

• Threatening to Harm Your Children and Your Home Safety

• Sexual Violence

• Stalking

How to Find Help

If you have found yourself in a domestic abuse situation, you need to immediately seek help to end it today and there is no better time than domestic violence awareness month. In order to seek help, you can do one of many things including contacting your local authorities, get home security, calling the national domestic violence helpline or speaking to someone in your family about getting you out of your current situations and domestic violence awareness. Keep in mind that when you call a domestic violence hotline, they are trained to be discreet when talking to you and calling you back.

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